Newborn Essentials

*This is a current work in progress. (Some of the links below are affiliate links which means I earn a small amount for qualifying purchases.)  

I know there a lot of lists out there for new parents.   I have put this one together after supporting families for the past 20 plus years (including raising my own 3 children) Are all of the items on this list must-haves?  No, but I and many of my clients have found these items helpful while navigating life with a newborn.  

Feeding and Elimination Tracking:  One of the most asked questions of you by medical professionals in the first few weeks, after your baby arrives, is when are they eating and how many wet/poopy diapers.  This is almost impossible to answer without writing this information down.  

For the pen and paper crowd, I recommend:

For the digital crowd, I recommend:

  • Baby Connect – this is by far my favorite app to use as a care professional.  It allows for multiple children, includes activities, health status/medications given, and grows with baby so you can use this well into toddlerhood and beyond.  It allows for multiple caregivers to input information and it syncs across all devices in real time. It even gives graphs and breaks creates totals helping you see trends over time!
  • Eat Sleep – Simple Baby Tracking 

Burp Cloths:  You are going to need them and need lots of them.  My favorite are good oldfashioned cloth diapers.  They are super absorbent, easily washed and not terribly expensive.  

Some other good (and cute!) options include: